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I love Art.   Art is an outward expression of ourselves:  our abilities, loves,
hates, creations, past, future, everything.    Fancy Home & Body has pieces
of art for your eyes.   Most are not for sale, but for your viewing pleasure.
Found while cleaning out an old building taken over by the City in Clinton.   A beautiful
original oil on canvas painting by Kwan.   The gold frame was produced in 1983.   Nothing
is known about the artist.   A nature scape.

Hand Signed and Numbered Lithograph by
Jon Reich from the collection "The Nudes of
Jon Reich."

Jon Reich was born August 31, 1953, the
youngest of nine children.   Jon showed a
passion for art at a very young age.   With
any allowance given (7 cents a day), he
chose to buy art supplies instead of

Educated at the School of the Art Institute of
Chicago, Jon opened his own studio on
Chicago's North side in 1983.

After a long battle with an illness, He passed
away September 7, 1992.

The original was hand drawn in pencil,
depicting an artist in the midst of his
creation.  The drawing was done to create
the look of folded paper.
Circa 1978.
Artists:  R Rasanault.
Art:  Still life.   Oil on Canvas

This painting was purchased from an art club/home
interior party around 1978.  Very similar to tupperware,
individuals host parties and guests purchase items
offered through a catalog.  Many pieces are displayed
on site but most are depicted in catalogs for purchase.

Nothing in know about the artist.

This beautiful piece is very monochromatic in blue and
subtle green hues.   The frame is golden and baroque
in style making for a very dramatic display.
Most people know of Picasso.   But did you know Picasso
had many favorite muses?  Dubbed "The women of
Picasso."    Picasso had two wives (Olga and Jacqueline)
and four children by three women.

This colored pencil Lithograph depicts a young art student
Françoise Gilot (born in 1921).  

Gilot, frustrated with Picasso's relationships with other
woman and his abusive nature left him in 1953.   Gilot's book
"Life with Picasso" was published 11 years after their
separation.  In 1970 she married American
physician-researcher Jonas Salk (who later died in 1995).

(Credit http://www.sapergalleries.com/PicassoWomen.html.  
"The Women of Pablo Picasso (1881-1973)" )

This piece is Not an original Signed Lithograph.   
More to come!   Check back soon!