Tanning Lotions 101:

Tanning Odor:  
Most high end tanning lotions contain Bio Saccharides.  These are anti-bacterial
ingredients designed to diminish the after tan small

Cooling Lotions:  Cooling agents help to cool you while you tan.  They do not inhibit nor do that
enhance your tan.

Tingle Lotions:  Usually Niacin or Vitamin B is added to the lotion to achieve quicker and darker
results.  These ingredients increase micro-circulation and oxidation of the blood to the surface layers
of the skin.  Blood also carries melanin to the surface of the skin, thus assisting in the tanning
process and giving you an overall darker tan.

Accelerators:  These lotions super-hydrate your skin which allows it to absorb more UV light allowing
you maximum tanning results from your tanning session.


DHA Bronzers
- Lotions that do not need UV light to darken your skin.    The lotions enhance the tan
and help to lengthen your tan.

Cosmetic Bronzers - lotions that give you immediate color

Low Maintenance Bronzers - Newest and most advanced bronzers usually do not streak or stain.   They
do not give you immediate color, but enhance and keep your tan longer and looking great
Salon lotions are specially formulated for tanning beds and are a great way to enhance your tan
experience.   Dry skin is more apt to reflect UV rays than absorb them.    That means your
tanning ability is reduced!!  

**BE AWARE that indoor tanning lotions do NOT protect you from UV rays (both inside or out)
unless specifically notes an SP Factor.    Tan responsibly.
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Outdoor lotions sold or those not specifically formulated for indoor tanning at
retail stores are not tanning bed lotions and can damage the acrylics.   Please
do not use them in a tanning bed.
**TIP:  For Best results, apply your lotions 10 - 20 minutes prior to your visit.  
This allows the lotion time to absorb into your skin giving you optimum
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Today’s indoor tanning lotions are not just for indoor tanning!

Many include moisturizers, tattoo protection, anti-oxidants, skin firming, cellulite reduction,
skin rejuvination, fine line diminishing, and more!
Use them before tanning and after, or whenever you need a boost.   They leave your skin
looking radiant, smooth and moisturized—before and after a UV session, post facial
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